Investment Advisor

We are investment advisor for two sub funds, ICAM FIRST and BOND GLOBAL FIRST


At the ICAM FIRST Sub Fund we aim at providing medium to long term capital growth in euro.

The geografical areas of investments are the OECD countries with specific focus on European and United States markets.

To achieve this investment objective, the Sub-Fund may have a maximum exposure of investments up to 100% of its assets in either (i) debt and debt-related instruments issued by both governmental and non-governmental issuers, with a maximum of 30% of the net assets invested in high-yield or sub-investment grade securities, and (ii) equity and equity-related instruments.


The main objective of this Sub-Fund is to provide Investors with relatively high income with the possibility of capital gains.

The Sub-Fund will invest in a diversified portfolio of bonds and the associated and linked derivatives or debt instruments across worldwide markets which can be issued by governments, agencies, supra-nationals and listed or unlisted companies including high-yield or sub-investment grade securities. The investments may pay fixed or variable coupons.